Zur Entspannung auf die Rüschhalbinsel


Der kleine Aussichtsturm auf der Rüschhalbinsel…


Von unten nicht sehr groß, aber wenn man drauf steht…Augenroll 🙂


Der Blick ist ganz schön….wenn auch sehr wolkig heute Abend


Und die andere Richtung – der dunstige Blick zum Hamburger Hafen


Und während meine Freunde angelten, hab ich mir die Schiffe beguckt 🙂 Hier die “ I AMsterdam“


18 Kommentare zu „Zur Entspannung auf die Rüschhalbinsel“

  1. Martina, it has been a long time since I have been to your blog. BUSY summer with photography! But , I came on over today and I LOVED these photos. What are the red structures in the second last photo? And my favorite is the shot of the water with the clouds. Thank you! Love, Amy

      1. OH WOW!! Thank you so much, Martina, now I understand! I don’t live by a busy port, so of course, I wouldn’t know what these were. How kind of you to send me the link and to explain. I am really touched. Thank you!!! Love, Amy

      2. I hope it would help you! It is so wunderful to sit on a place near a harbour and look at the great ships that coming in and out. Sometimes you must see that!

      3. Someday I hope to, Martina. What a thrill it must be to see these huge ocean ships, come into port and these machines unload their cargo. Wow. New York City comes to mind … perhaps one day, I shall be able to get there. xx

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